Problems with the garmin speed sensor


Until today I have not had any problem, but today, in the middle of the training the sensors have started to intermittently fail, especially the speed one. I have changed the battery but it still fails.

Have any of you had the same problem?

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Hello @Hibai_Bilbao
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I see two sessions for you on our server today. I took the partial log file from the first session and uploaded it to This is a third party site that analyzes your log to see how well things are working. That session shows there were problems with your ANT+ signal.

Please verify from your end that your complete log files show the same thing. Here’s where to locate your log files.

These are some ways to improve the ANT+ / Bluetooth interference.

Looking a few days back in your session logs, you updated to the current version of the Windows game app on May 1. If the problems with your sensor only started May 5, it’s likely that the new version is not the cause.



Thank you very much for the reply. Once reading the information sent, I have proceeded to deactivate the 2.4 band of the WiFi and leave the 5 Ghz only. In training today I had no problems.

I do not know the options to analyze the logs, it is very useful. I have reviewed today’s and there has been no problem.

I will continue analyzing the logs to see if it continues to fail or has been solved by deactivating band 2.4.

Best regards

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