Problems tacx flux 2

last week bought New tacx flux 2 trainer. When using Zwift or using Tacx even 1%climbing feels sooo heavy that I really have to push very hard. Note I am already schifting very Light at that moment. At this moment I Can’t even ride Richmond or a flat race​ pffff have tried everything but nothing is working :frowning: Contacted garmin support but no reaction yet so really bad feeling. How can this be fixed cause really bad feeling ecperience uptil NOW!!!

Are you connecting via ANT+ ?

If so make sure when you connect you choose the option for FEC if it appears.

Also what trainer difficulty have you set it to? Even 100% shouldn’t be an issue at a 1% gradient.

Also ensure you upgrade to the latest firmware.

You could try a factory reset. Here are the instructions for the Neo, not sure if it’s the same as the Flux.


Hi Stuart Thx for your reaction. I use normal blue tooth. Calibration done by tacx utility app en latest firm ware done. I ll have a look at the factory reset. The gradiënt scale I adapted it to 50% but like you say no difference and friends of me who also have a tacx flux 2 don’t have these issues… Some people say I have to adapt my ftp but i think this has nothing to do with my problems. Anyway Thx i ll try the reset. Kind regards Sven

Hi Stuart. Pfff the isotonic menu is not popping up… Think it’s only for the neo. I am google now but not found yet for the flux 2…

If you are moving from a wheel on trainer to a direct drive then you will see a difference in your FTP. Mostly it’ll go down owing to the higher accuracy but sometimes it’ll increase (you hope).
If you are struggling to turn the pedals at 1% then there is something wrong.

Have you an option to connect via Ant + to see if it is a communication error?

Hi Stuart, i don’t have an ant +dongle right now and i ll wait for garmin tacx their reaction. I let you know this will go on. Thx very much already in advance. Kind regards Sven