Problems recognizing computrainer on iMac

While i can eventually get connected, it usually takes about half an hour of searching and selecting the smart trainer and power source before it seems to work. While I can select the computrainer, it does 0 watts and doesn’t connect. Is there something I am missing to get this done more quickly?

We have a link to the mac/computrainer driver here.–Setting-up-a-Computrainer

Have you made sure you have that installed?  Does the connection plug light up/blink when you get to the zwift pairing screen?

I am having a similar issue since the most recent release (1.0.16400). I suspect that Zwift is not releasing the port if Zwift had previously made a connection with the computrainer as other devices, such as a garmin head unit, will also not mount using the same USB/port. Restarting the mac seems to resolve this issue. 

Thanks for the replies. Still intermittent but I did find switching USB ports and/or plugging in to USB port once I opened zwift seemed to help. Today was the first day where it it took less than half an hour to recognize my computrainer. Hopefully this continues!