Computrainer Resetting

Have my computrainer hooked up to a Windows 10 laptop. I launch zwift and it recognizes the computrainer and shows watts for about 2-3 seconds on the pairing screen, but then resets the computrainer and wants me to recalibrate, like when its initially turned on/powered up.  After this zwift will not recognize the device unless I close zwift and relaunch.  I have reset computrainer, laptop, tried plugging usb from computrainer in before and after zwift is launched but always same.

Looking further in the community notes it seems to be the same issue described here in early 2015:

If your Computrainer is resetting once it’s plugged into Zwift, that sounds like a problem with the trainer itself. We’re not aware of any widespread issues right now, so it’s likely setup specific.

Go through our setup instructions and make sure you have the driver installed. The Computrainer should be plugged in before you launch Zwift - just be sure you don’t have any other programs that might be trying to read from it open.

You may also want to try a different USB port to see if it helps. Good luck!