Problems pairing Elite Rampa!

Hi! I have problems pairing an Elite Rampa using mobile link app and bluetooth BLE with an android tablet and a PC.

The pairing menu detect the rampa as “RM134”, but inflate the speed and power metrics!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alejandro,

Can you try to connect using ANT+?

Check this video on Youtube for pairing example:

Hi Bastian! Thanks for responding! Nop! I didnt try it yet (need to buy a ant+ usb dongle).

Try not connecting the cadence/speed sensor at pairing, and just ride with FE-C.

Do you get inflated speed when in Zwift or just when upload to Strava (which is what happened to me…200Km/H was nice but rather inflated my weekly distance…)

do you have any solution to this problem? Did ANT+ USB dongle helped you?