New Zwifter: How to pair Zwift with Elite Rampa using Bluetooth

Hi, having just bought my first smart trainer (elite rampa) I wanted to try out Zwift.

The trainer works just fine with my Garmin Edge 520 using ANT+ FE-C, but I don’t have this option on my PC.

I installed the mobile link app on my android and zwift on the PC and am now struggling to correctly pair the trainer with Zwift using bluetooth of my smartphone. 

Which option should I choose? Wattmeter or speed sensor + trainer?

  1. The Elite Rampa is not a wattmeter and so it is not identified when choosing this option.

  2. a) However the second option doesn’t sound correct, too because my speed sensor supports only ANT+.

b) Anyway the Elite Rampa is identified when choosing this option (as RM124) but I can’t find the corresponding model in the list of Elite trainers. Which one should I select?

3.) Having selected “other, not listed”, I find that my speed and watt values are way too high. According to Zwift I was cycling with 600 watt which is absolutely impossible. 


I’m still in the trial period and don’t want to invest in a rather expensive ANT+ dongle as long as I don’t know whether I like Zwift or not. Any possibility to properly pair my trainer using bluetooth?

Thanks in advance!

A USB ANT+ dongle is not expensive and you will have far fewer issues using it compared to BLE.

Here is a link to Zwift’s ANT+ dongle with USB extension cable:

You should pair your Elite Rampa as a controllable/Smart trainer.