Garmin / Elite / Ant+

I’ve just connected up to Zwift on a Ant+ equipped TREK, with a Elite Turno Smart trainer, and Garmin 820. I’ve set the cadence part up, which IT did itself. But Speed seems to be all out. I did a 16 minute ride and even pushing it hardly got above 13/14mph. I was overtaken A LOT!!!

I assumed I had to connect it up with Garmin?..but how?

What am I doing wrong?..NO CHEEKY COMMENTS!!

Hi @Simon_Estell

Let my understand your setup.
You have a ANT+ cadence sensor and it connected fine.
Your trainer is paired as a Power source using ANT+

That sound all good to me.

Your speed in Zwift will not match the speed that your garmin show, the reason is the garmin does not know if you go up or down in the virtual world, or if you are in a draft or on a TT bike.
Zwift calculate your speed based on your power (w) ,weight and length.

You can use the Elite app and see what typical power number you get and compare it to the numbers on Zwift.