Elite Rampa - paring problems with inflate speed


I just bought an Elite Rampa trainer, connected it via Bluetooth to Mobile Link Android App (on Samsung Galaxy S7) to Windows 10 device. I don’t have any problems with pairing Cadence / Controllable Device. Because I don’t have power pedals, I wanted to attach the speed sensor (second image). When I connect the speed sensor (700x23c), the speed si very high, because the circumference of Elite Rampa is 62.83, not 700x23c - that’s the circumference of my bicycle wheel. How should I pair it to work well? In Speed sensor, the Elite Rampa is missing, why?

Thanks a lot for the help.


OK, nobody answered, so here is a solution.

I bought an USB ANT+ module and connected trainer over ANT+ FE-C. So the speed sensor is not used, instead of power source Elite FE-C is used.