Problems pair bkool Go / Pro2 Zwift ant+ FE-C app Bkool indoor

It’s done I have sent it

Guys, thanks a lot for a great thread! I’ve done it successfully using the version hack, the latest version is now 5.26 - that’s what needs to be put in for the Bkool not to ask for an upgrade.

Hi Sandy,

Please, please, please can you post the link again for the Mac version. I’m looking for the older software version so I can try the hack.

No problem @Daniel_Newman:

Good luck!

@Sandy_Thomson, thanks for your help with the download and instructions. The download worked and I had to change the version to 5.35.
I have the resistance controller working now, however the resistance is so high that I can hardly peddle. It is so frustrating. Any suggestions on that?

@Daniel_Newman I’m not sure why that might be. Does that happen even when you are in your easiest gear?

One thing I’d try is to load up a workout so that the power is being set by that in Erg mode rather than any gradients in Zwift. How does it feel in the warmup? Is it still too hard the pedal even with a low power target?

Yeah, it does it in even warm up. I’m in my easiest gear and it’s still so difficult. It only gets much harder once the device is connected and it logs in.
I tried a work out and it was the same. I’m pushing 30 watts and it’s so tough to pedal.

@Daniel_Newman What does it do when being controlled by another app over Ant+? Just trying to narrow it down to being a Zwift or Bkool thing.

It almost sounds like the calibration is out, but then you can’t calibrate the Bkool trainer yourself so I’m not sure what the fix would be if it was that. Maybe running it in a different app for a short while might help reset it…?

Thanks @Sandy_Thomson, I’ll try run it in another app, like the BKool simulator to see if that sorts out the problem.
I even tried to reinstall the latest version of BKool Simulator, however that did not work either.
I appreciate the assistance.