Problems opening Zwift

When I try to open the Zwift game i see a white screen and then it closes. I have tried uninstalling and installing but it does not work. What can i do? Thank you

Tell us more about your setup, what you’re running Zwift on.

You don’t need to uninstall, but did you re-download it from Zwift’s website? There have been some launcher updates to fix some problems like this recently.


Thanks, I use an i7 laptop and following the advice of the answers already made by zwift (uninstall the zwift x86 program files, documents…) it still doesn’t work.
When you hit the zwift icon to enter the game, the window opens but it stays blank and immediately disappears and it’s been like this for five days, thank you very much.

Sharing my experience, I had it a few times. Zwift loader window would open, but remains blank. I suspect that maybe it happens if Zwift is downloading an update in the background and does not open until update it downloaded, or has difficulties connecting to something to what it connects before it shows the picture. A few times, I saw a “zwift” folder in “Downloads” that came out of nowhere, and this could have correlated with white screen, but I do not have enough statistics to tell with certainty… My solution was to either hit Alt-Ctrl-Del, kill zwift loader, and try again, or even restart the computer. In all past cases, it worked either on the first or second attempt. The frequency of this happening in my case was maybe once every 10 times I use Zwift. The difference from your case is that when I had that white window, it would not disappear on its own. It would just sit on the screen, white.

Just as an extra thought, try turning off the firewall for a couple of minutes and see if this helps. Maybe it is blocking something that should not be blocked? This loader is strange, once in the past there was a story with error messages coming from a script which loader loaded and ran, and the script was stored on Facebook. Go figure.

Likely to help you @Andrei_Istratov but less sure about OP.

Supposedly fixed with latest Launcher

And another thread that seemed to catch a lot of the white screen chat prior:

thank you very much everyone there is a lot of wisdom here, I will try these tips, thanks

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