Problems and Suggestion (Mac)

  1. The app doesn’t remember my login credentials, so I must re-enter them every time.  Not a huge deal, but we’re not dealing with Fort Knox here, so it would be convenient to have the app recall my credentials.

  2. The app (Mac, running El Cap, but did the same on previous system), doesn’t present the File menu and normal Quitting of the app is not possible.  Apple-Q key combo doesn’t work either.  I am forced to Force Quit the app.

  3. I’ve lost functionality/connection with the iPhone app.  Not sure if it stopped working around the time I upgraded the computer to El Cap.   I’ve done the usual stuff: made sure the app is up-to-date, logged in and out, etc.  Definitely both machines are on my home network.  This worked for me previously.

  4. Is there a way to get workouts to auto-sync with Training Peaks?   Currently, I’m downloading the file from the Zwift site and dragging into the TP window.   Again, a ‘first-world’ problem, but would make life a little easier!


Hey Bryan -

That’s a heck of a list! I’ll do my best to help you out here.

1 - When you say the app, do you mean Zwift Mobile Link, or the Zwift application? I can’t speak for the ZML, but ‘Remember me’ functionality in the Zwift launcher has been highly requested, and we’ve listened. This is in development.

2 - Zwift should be exited using the in-game process to ensure proper data handling, which is why we don’t support the Apple quit key combo. To exit your session, you can press the ‘ESC’ key - this will bring up the exit menu at almost any point in the game (if you have a messaging or promo code box open, press it twice). From there you can edit your activity title and save (which will upload the activity before exiting), or discard (which will log your stats and options, but not upload the activity).

3 - This is a tough one. Can you please try completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app? If that does not fix the issue, please submit a support ticket: Our mobile team may need to look at the logs from the app to diagnose the issue further if reinstalling does not work.

4 - This is in on it’s way! I’m not sure when it will be ready, but I can assure you the team is working on it.

Hope this helped a bit! Ride on!

I’ll definitely second #1 - crouching in front of my bike to type in the email & password every single time is irritating…

I’d like to comment on 2 - since the Mac isn’t a console can there be a multi-step “quit” function vs just “dumping” the game as soon as I save my ride?

Frequently I am on my iPhone, hit stop, get to the save screen and title the ride to save - then as soon as I save I’m completely dumped out of the app on mac - sometimes even when I’ve got dialog boxes still open (like the FTP update).  

Why not give me some time to review the stats, etc… after the ride is saved and THEN let me quit manually?  Stopping/Saving my ride shouldn’t be treated like requesting an “exit” of the app - they are unique actions

Super excited when I saw that #1 was addressed in the last Mac update I installed.

It’s a little thing, but man was it annoying typing it in crouched over my bars every morning…