Problème ERG - Direto X & ATV


Direto X connecté à ATV 4K.
Lors d’entrainement, l’ERG s’éteint et se remet en route plusieurs fois sur une séance.
J’ai bien la dernière mise à jour faite sur le DIRETO et je ne trouve rien

Une idée ?

Direto X connected to ATV 4K.
During training, the ERG turns off and restarts several times during a session.
I have the last update made on the DIRETO and I can’t find anything

An idea ?

does it turn off if you use the elite app itself to test erg mode?

Hi Rich
I will test it and be back to you
Thanks for this idea


I tested. I still have some turn off but less, and they are very fast Vs Zwift. I lost power and one second after system is back. With Zwitf, takes more time to the ERG to react again

if it is still doing it in the elite app, i would suggest contacting elite as it sounds like a possible trainer issue

E-mail already sent
Waiting News but 3 years old and not more guaranteed
Let’s see
Thanks for your help on this matter

I am posting the solution to my ERG connection loss problem here. Solution proposed by Elite, and which solved my problem of loss of ERG transmission
In fact my axis was dirty and dry, this small threaded axis which moves according to the powers. I cleaned it, greased it, and followed the instructions, and it works again. I post you here the link received by Elite and which could be useful to do before having the problem, a kind of maintenance

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