Problem with wattage changes in Zwift

Dear people of Zwift

Since a short period of time, I experience trouble with the resistance delivered by my Wahoo Kickr Core. This has the latest firmware and works correct if I use the Wahoo software to do work-outs. I can go from 125 watt to 500 watt in 2-3 seconds and it limits my watts to 500w.

Yesterday I did a work-out on Zwift with a lot of ‘bursts’ or wattage changes, periods of 15 seconds in which I had to upp the watts. It seems like my Kickr can’t hold me down enough, sometimes it went to 560W instead of 500W and it stayed there for ten seconds before slowly getting to 500W.

The other way around, it can seem to catch me when I have to go down from 500 to 125W, allthough I keep pedalling steady and normal. It first goes to 75W, that’s when I’m almost going crazy with the rpm’s, and then it slowly recovers to 125W.

This is a new problem in my set-up and this is very annoying. Nothing else changed, no new devices… What can I do? Is it necessary to perform a spindown? Because I heard this isn’t necessary anymore with my Wahoo Kickr Core from 2021?

Thank you for helping me out

I can’t comment on the Kickr Core as I don’t have one but would say that I find doing microburst workouts a lot smoother when I turn off Erg and use slope/incline mode. Find a slope that lets you stay in one chainring and then shift your rear derailleur a couple of cogs when the targets change. Usually the goal of microburst workouts is max wattage so this will let you also hit what you’re actually capable of instead of limiting you to what the workout says…

Hi James, it always worked with ERG-mode and I still want it to work with ERG-mode, that’s how I like my work-outs and it is also intended for this use. I already ruled out that it is no probleem with the Kickr itself, as wattage changes go fluent if I use the Wahoo app, I can go from 100w to 500w in two seconds without any problem…