Lack of resistance wahoo kickr core

I invested in a Kickr Core a week ago - set up and calibrated fine. Completed my FTP test and started FTP builder programe and having completed week one I think I have a problem Houston. I’ve had real issues upping my watts - as in I’m doing 118 cadence just to get to 132 watts! I have ERG on. Initially I was trying to use the gears but even in the hardest gears I was just spinning like crazy - then I discovered ERG mode where it’s better but not great. Is it me?! Any advice appreciated…

Welcome Lorraine,

This may not be the answer to your question but ERG in a workout will keep the watts where the session plans them to be whatever you pedal. The gear will be irrelevant. So if the FTP is saying “ride 4mins at 75% FTP”, you pedal at whatever cadence is comfortable to you and in ERG, the Kickr will do the rest.

The Llama’s post on ERG is worth a quick watch.

Now, if you’re saying that you can’t reach the watts being set no matter what you do, that sounds like something else.

I’m sure @Gerrie_Delport will be along in a minute to help…


Hi @LorraineE.

@Paul_Mason1 has some good info.

If you are using Ant+ make sure that you pick the ant+ fe-c option for power and controllable.

In workout mode, The trainer sould adjust the resistance to keep you in the required watt range no matter what gear or cadence.


Hi Lorraine, make sure you update the firmware on your Core using the Wahoo App. I had the same issues, but the update seemed to fix everything. Cheers


All solved! Thank you

The video was really helpful in how to use ERG - thank you