Problem with trainer ELITE TUO

Hi everybody,

I have just buy a trainer ELITE TUO, everything is good, very fast match between the Zwift app and the trainer, but it not works talking about percentage of climb or descent, it everytime the same.
Please consider that all points about the installation are correctly done.
I can see the power, but when there is a climb, nothing happens.
Please also notify that all devices (heart monitor, cadence and TUO) work with bluetooth connection.
Have someone some suggestions??
Thanks in advance!

Ensure that on the pairing page you have selected the FE-C component of the trainer.

Ensure that no other apps (elite app for example) are connected to the turbo.

In the settings page check that Trainer Difficulty is set to full.

Thanks Adam. I ve forgot to specify that i use iPad (2019 model). No other apps are connected to TUO
In the setting page there is not the option trainer difficulty, i know what you mean, but there is not option about trainer…and this is another strange point…

It sounds like the controllable device isn’t paired, or is not paired correctly.

Hi Steve,
Problem solved!!! I ve forgot to select “controllable” in add of “power meter” … What a ■■■■…lolll, anyway, thanks and Ride On!
See you there!