Problem with the speed

Hey Guys,

I’m new on this and I find it great and now with the tour de France even better!! I just spent 700€ on a bike (BodayTone DS60) which it’s great for tall people, it’s really conformtable and solid.

To the point, I sync the sensor from the bike to the app Zwift and the speed is ridiculous, I’m doing a 80RPM but the Watt is changing from 85-150 depending on my effort to 15,20,25…and is making the speed aroun 5-7km/h…I’m frustrated that is not working properly.

Have you guys found a similar issue?

I really appreciate if someone can help me with this.

Stay safe everyone and thanks.

Hi @Martin_Jimenez

Did you pair the spinning bike as a Power source?
Does the bike display power number also fluctuate.

Did you try to set the power display to 3 second average.


Hey Gerry,

Thanks for your response, yes I tried with the 3 sec and the powe source ais set for the spinning bike. The cadence is right but the other its not…

I’m using an ipad, this can be an issue?

I have some screnshots but I can’t add them…


Zwift will display what the spinning is sending. Do you have another divice that you can use to see the power numbers that the spinning bike is sending.

I looked at the BodayTone DS60 manual it does not stat accuracy of what power levels it can simulate.

Bodytone is also not listed as a supported indoor bike by Zwift. Even if the manufacturer claims it will work with Zwift, doesn’t mean that Zwift agrees with them. We’ve seen this with the Schwinn IC4/IC8 bikes too.

Completely inaccurate.

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Hi @Martin_Jimenez, that problem is also happening to me. If I disconnect the “Controlable” sensor, the right one on the settings screen, wich I think is the ERG sensor, I can use Zwift and I can control power and speed with the up and down pushbuttons on the DS60 console.
I suppose there´s some kind of unmatching with this sensor “controlable”: ideally, this sensor may control the bike going up or down resistence, but it doesn´t happen.
I recently asked to the DS60 seller, I hope they answer soon. If you find some solution, please share it here.

I don’t have any other device, the thing is that the console is showing the right speed but when is sending it to zwift is not working properly. Do you any device which can works with Zwift? I’m also using a Garmin Fenix 6 pro solar…the ideal session will be have the numbers right in zwift and also in my garmin. Any suggestion?

Carlos, let me know if you have any answer from their side. I have as well a ticket opened with support but no answer yet…

As I said, for me the best thing will be to have my garmin and zwift all connected (obviously with the bike)…but I don’t know how to do it or if there is any device available

the thing is that the console is showing the right speed

I’m sorry if I missed something, but how do you know that the console is showing the right speed?

the ideal session will be have the numbers right in zwift and also in my garmin

The Garmin will not display the same speed as Zwift, if that’s what you mean, since the Garmin has no idea if you’re on a hill, downhill, etc, but Zwift does.

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The console and Zwift should show the same power not speed. The console does not know if you are virtually going up or down.

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Hi, thanks Xavier

Whn I’m using the console stand alone, the speed is accurate is around 30km/h but in the console is as I said 4-5 or 9 sometimes, same as Watt…


When the DS60 is NOT attached to Zwift, how do you know that the numbers it is displaying (speed or “watt”) are correct? What would you compare it to in order to find out? I could verify my trainer (Tacx Neo2T) against a separate power meter and see how accurate it is / how close they are. If you can’t do this with the DS60, or if no one has really done this with the DS60, we really don’t even know if the bike is displaying accurate numbers before we connect it to Zwift.

But now let’s assume that at least the speed is accurate before hooking it up to Zwift. Once we hook the DS60 to Zwift…

  • the DS60 thinks it’s on flat ground all the time, so if it says you’re pedaling at 30km/h, ok.
  • but in the game, maybe your avatar has started going up a hill. The problem is that the DS60 still thinks it’s on flat ground, so it keeps on saying 30km/h. Zwift is going to make your avatar slow down, since it’s going up a hill. The two speeds will not match in a situation like this. And…

as @Mike_Rowe_PBR mentioned,

Bodytone is also not listed as a supported indoor bike by Zwift.

This means Zwift is not even sure how the DS60 is computing speed and/or how it will actually communicate with Zwift to produce numbers and make your avatar move appropriately. It’s possible that in its present configuration, the DS60 will never produce numbers that seem reasonable in Zwift and make your avatar move appropriately.

Generally speaking, even the very best stationary bikes / spin bikes do not play nicely with Zwift (Wahoo Kickr bike and Tacx Neo bike are exceptions). The only sure solution for people with spin bikes who want really accurate numbers going to Zwift is to attach power meter pedals like the Assioma Duos (or similar), and to have Zwift take power numbers from the pedals instead of the spin bike.

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Hi Xavi,

In the bike console the speed makes sense. Today I was going at the beggining at the easiest load 32.1 km/h and 22 WAAT (which I don’t know if makes sense). However in Zwift doesn’t makes sense the speed. In the last try I was in Central Park and I did in 45min 7km…During the time in Zwift, the console identify when I was going up increasing the load but not the speed.

If I change the pedals and sync them to Zwift, then the load won’t change either right?

22 watt is super low. To go 32km/h you need about 220 watt on a flat road (depends on your hight and weight)

Correct—even with power meter pedals, the bike will not know how to increase/decrease resistance automatically for hills. But at least the power figure and your resulting speed would be accurate in the game.

Hi Martin_Jimenez

I just got my DS60 with a charger.

Where do plug it in?

How do I switch the display on?

I looked for that too. Found it eventually… Look towards the back of the flywheel on the left hand side

Can’t say I’m impressed with the DS60 compatibility with zwift. Bodytone’s marketing is misleading


Found it thanks.

Got another problem, maybe you can help.

Zwift pick up the DS60 sensors but the bike on zwift doesn’t move. Only my heart rate are active. Do you know why?

What device are you using for Zwift and how are you connecting the DS60, it is bluetooth?

Hi Mike.

Yes it’s Bluetooth.