Problem with Payment

Hello there,

after I reactivated my account on 29. August, the amount was billed to me via PayPal. so far so good.
On September 5th, I was charged again for the membership fee. I tried to contact the support several times to clarify the problem, but there was no response. In the meantime i have canceled my membership again and withdrawn the direct debit authorization via paypal. Something is going very bad. And no i do not have a second account. Why doesn’t support get in touch? Is there anything else I can do?


how did you contact support? and how long have you been waiting for a response?

You usually get pushed to an ambassador on first contact through the web support form but they can escalate to Zwift support if required.

Hi Gordon,

thank you for reply. I contacted support by email on September 8th. I also sent screen shots from my Paypal account about the last debits by e-mail. Strange that the last debit from September 5th is not listed in my account.

They will not get an ambassador for payment issue.

Zwift support no longer reply to direct emails you will have to use the support web form.

Ok, I didn’t know that. Thank you. I try again via web form.

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Thanks guys for the support, my problem has been solved :+1:

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