problem with connecting Garmin ANT+


 I’ve been enjoyed zwift very much with ANT+. However, suddenly it stopped working. I didn’t change anything, but it suddnely disconnected with ANT+(dongle). Even if I put it in my computer like before, it still didn’t seem like to recognize this dongle. So, when I open the zwift program, there’s disconnected sign at the left of the top like with “exclamation mark.” Also, my avatar is not moving even if I pedal on a bicycle. Please help me.

(Gerrie Delport) #2

From your description it sound like your ANT+ dongle has died. 



(Paul Allen) #3

Or the port you are plugging the ANT+ dongle into (not sure you have tried other ports).

(David K) #4

Gerrie and Paul are both spot-on. Either the ANT+ dongle is malfunctioning or the port you have it plugged into is malfunctioning.

Try the other USB ports on your PC. If you normally plug your ANT+ dongle into the front USB ports, try the back. If all ports result in an exclamation point once the dongle is detected, it means Windows either can’t communicate with the ANT+ dongle or doesn’t know how to.

If other ports work fine, it means the USB port the ANT+ dongle was originally plugged into may be bad. You can test that theory by plugging in other USB devices to see if they’re properly detected.

If none of the ports work, I’d also recommend contacting the dongle manufacturer to see if there’s a newer version of the driver that you’ll need to install. If there isn’t, or updating your driver still doesn’t get the ANT+ dongle working again, it’ll mean you’ll likely need to consider purchasing a new one.