Problem to connect with Windows 10

Hi guys,

I bought a Cycplus USB ANT+ stick and tried to use with the Zwift for the first time. The USB Driver is already installed (at least doesn’t show any problem in Device Manager) but when I try to click “Lets go” the Zwift just go the blue screen with the Z logo for 2-5seconds and shut! The Zwift Launcher keep it opened after that.
I saw in others topics that I have to install Net Framework 3.5… is already installed (also the 4.8) and nothing changed.

Samsung laptop I53320M
Windows 10 64b
150Gb SSD (windows) + 500gb HD

Somebody could you help me on this task?

Don’t know what’s causing it to shut, but sounds like an installation issue.

I have the Cycplus dongle, best I’ve ever used because it works really well without an extension lead, simply just plugged into my Windows 10 PC. Note: I bought the extension lead but so far not used it.

So I would look elsewhere for the problem. Good luck.