Again more connection issues

Hi Zwift,

I’m using a Windows 10 PC with an ANT+ Dongle.

It takes several attempts at launching Zwift before it sees my Wahoo Kickr or Garmin HR monitor - when it does it’s usually ok however it sometimes it disconnects and requires another restart.

On startup of Zwift you hear the windows device removed/added sound - is this normal?

It never reconnects during an activity, it always requires a restart

I’ve tried with and without a extension.

This seems to be a problem plaguing Zwift, when will you be fixing it?

@Richard, what is the manufacturer of your ANT+ dongle. Some work better than others.

My Kickr Snap (then replaced with a Kickr Core) was highly unstable with a CYCPLUS dongle. I then learned the one that folks find most stable is the ANSELF dongle. I returned CYCPLUS to Amazon and got an ANSELF. It was immediately rock solid on the Snap and then same on the Core. There are articles describing the ANT+ protocol needed and not all dongles support it.