Private group ride

(Erik Stearns) #1

Is there a way to set up a private group session?

Myself and a small group of friends want to meet at a single location and do group rides a couple times a week trough the winter.

Is this possible and if so where can I get the info to do so?

(Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen [ZwiftHacks]) #2

No, there is no functionality in-game which lets you set up a private group session.

Your best options would IMO be EITHER to agree a route and starting time in advance, and then gather e.g. at the start/finish gate before rolling out OR join some of the public events. You can use e.g. Discord to have your own private chat room (voice or text) while riding if you want.

(Steve Ellis) #3

Zwift group rides originally consisted of an internet announcement to meet at a certain location at a certain time, wear a certain jersey and add a certain alphabet soup [like XYZ] after your name.

It seems like a few people now adapt Zwift-enabled group rides for semi-private group rides. They join the organized group ride and then ride away and do their own thing, ignoring the main group goals and leader.

(David Ashton) #4

+1 this request. I have a global group and would like to coordinate events with them… while we could just all get online roughly the same time, it would be much better to have some coordination from within the Zwift system… locate us together, pre-select the course, maybe even implement the rubber-banding so we can all ride together.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #5

I like this. I would add withe the option to late join, we do a weekly ride where some of our members start early and some late with some over lap on the 3 hour ride, so it is important to have a long late start window, like 6 hours or something like that.

Also please no rubber banding in group rides, group workouts is bad enough with the rubber band.