Prevent burn-in in ZML for OLED screens.

Just got an LG V30, which features an OLED screen.  Persistently displayed images can burn into OLED screen, leaving permanent ghost images on the display.  Because the mobile link keeps the screen on and has prominent bands, especially at the top of the screen, this is a concern.  It would be great if the colors could shift or invert to even out the wear and hopefully prevent burn-in. 


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you can’t pedal that much to make this really an issue if you use that phone for other stuff. sounds a bit esoterical. there are more important issues

Not pedal enough?   I rode for almost 3 hours yesterday alone.  ZML has the screen on full-time.  I often listen to music or podcasts while riding, but that doesn’t require much interaction, so, no, I am not typically doing other things with the phone.  Simply turning off the screen doesn’t work either as, at least on Android, ZML ends up losing its connection to the game and must be force-stopped and restarted to reestablish it.

I like having the list of nearby riders up most of the time because, when riding in a group, I can keep track of the group more easily in the crowds that inhabit Zwift these days.

There are lots of complaints for the Pixel 2, which has an OLED screen, because of burn-in of the home and navigation buttons. My V30 has pretty much the same screen and LG chose to implement “disappearing” home buttons (by sweeping up from the bottom of the screen) to mitigate this.  I don’t agree that this is “esoteric”.  It is a valid concern with OLEDs, which are relatively new to the smartphone scene.

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