Screen burn on tablet and phone

Has any one any ideas how to avoid screen burn on my mobile phone and tablet when using zwift ???

Is screen burn still a thing?

I thought that technology had moved on, hence why we don’t have those old windows screen savers these days.

Hi yes was getting rid of my old tablet and background had large z from zwift

I can’t recall seeing a Large Z on the ride screen.


where did the z come from?

unless you have a crt or plasma screen - neither of which exist for tablets - screen burn doesn’t happen

I could be wrong, but I believe OLED TV’s are known for ‘screen burn-in’. Most techies I’ve talked to recommend only using OLED TV’s for things with constant motion, such as TV or movies, cause stationary things, such as HUD and other UI items in video games, can cause burn-in.

Screen burn-in can happen with LCD screen but the display has to be unchanging for hours and hours. The LCD at many ATM machines have burn-in, and the LCD at my gym has their logo burned in.

You are correct. I just bought an OLED and I am paranoid after reading the burn warnings.