PretzelFest catch up rides

I was unable to ride on Zwift last week so I missed Stage 1 of the Pretzelfest. Sometimes the prior week’s stage continues into Monday morning (the Scotland rides did this last month), but Stage 2 started first thing this morning. Will there be a time when all of the stages will be available to make up those missed?

Thank you.

Looking at the announcement, I’m guessing the answer is no. Last month’s series had a make-up week listed. This month’s does not, so I expect a new series will start Oct 3 as soon as stage 4 is over.

They didn’t provide a catch up last year either

I suspect you are correct . . . I was just hoping. I wonder why the ‘week’ was different with the Scotland rides.

Thank you for responding.

Weeks don’t fit into months neatly, so - on average and roughly - the monthly missions should be on a 4/4/5 week cycle.


Where the mission lasts 5 weeks, it’s Zwift’s choice to either have 5 rides or 4 rides and a catch-up week.