Cobble catch up sessions

Hey, will there be any catch up sessions for the Cobble rides? I missed number 2 :roll_eyes:

Great question- I missed stage 1 and want to also know if that will be repeated soon please so I can complete all 4 stages. Thanks

They don’t generally do make-up weeks for racing series. You can expect make-up weeks in the big group ride series.

There are never make up weeks for our Monthly Racing events I’m afraid.

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Thanks James

Oh they were races :grin: who knew?

Note to self, if you miss any of a race series don’t bother with the rest go find a friendly group ride instead.

I’ve missed stages before, but the ZRacing cna be used to practice the craft and get a good race in. You can still be get GC rankings based on those that completed the same amount of events.

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