Powertap flier

Today I wasn’t awarded the green jersey. I was using a powertap, and should have taken the green jersey, but wasn’t awarded it. Guessing I got flagged somehow. I don’t see how I should be flagged when using a powertap.

1st sprint 28.x - won green jersey.

Someone took the jersey with 27.x

2nd sprint 26.x - green jersey not awarded.

Hi Nicholas,

If you didn’t get an email for the Flier Alert then you did not get flagged. I would send in a support ticket.

Ok, thanks Eric. I didn’t get the email, so I guess something else hiccuped. It was just a one off, but it just so happened that that was my best ever time for that sprint. I had upped the resistance setting on my trainer to allow me to put out greater watts, so I could see a reason why it might show as an anomaly. I will see if it happens again before submitting a support ticket.