Incorrect flier warning


This has happened to me a couple of times now and can be extremely frustrating. While I am all for the ‘flier tag’ to remove massively incorrect trainer setups, it seems that it can be quite sensitive to signal dropouts. 

Yesterday, I was racing the PRS A cat and climbing box hill at around 400W at about 5.2 W/KG. I was sitting in a group of 3 riders with 3 more a little further up the road. All of a sudden, about halfway up, I get the ‘flier tag’ and it’s basically race over from there. Now what other people saw on their screens may have been different, but I was riding with other riders and at a slower pace than some. There was nothing in my performance that should have flagged an issue.

Now, possibly some sort of ANT+ or Wifi dropout caused my avatar to fall behind then jump forward, causing the tag. My ANT+ signal is pretty good and I almost never get power dropouts. Is the detection done on Zwift’s servers or locally? Locally would probably fix the problem. Also, the way Zwift kills your performance afterwards could be amended to allow people to keep riding normally below 5 W/KG. But if you fix incorrect flags, no need to change anything.

Has this been happening to a lot of other people? I think it may have happened to Scottie Weiss in the Vision vs. Team X race last Monday (Although he may have just been going faster than the detection threshold…).

Hi James, our system is setup to flag riders who put out world tour pro rider power if they aren’t using a power meter.   In your case I believe it’s because it appears you’re changing the weight on your account by large values.  Are you sharing your account?  Our detection isn’t smart enough currently to correctly handle a weight change of 20kg in a zwift session, but we’ll be improving that soon.

Ah, thanks Jon. That makes a lot of sense now. My girlfriend has hopped on a couple of times to try it out!