POWERBEAM PRO TRAINER- Cycleops-- keeps slipping

I have tried everything from lowering tire pressure to max 110psi.  When I hit the climbs over 6% - and I try to push the power, I often get slipping.   IT is a drag as I often have to stop and start again.   I was doing the climb this weekend and had to stay below 200W otherwise slipping.      


Is there something I am not trying - 

Thanks Ahead.



Do you have a trainer specific tire?  Also do you click the tension adjustment until it clicks?


I us the tires on my bike- not specific for trainer.   They are about 6 months old Michelin Pro 4.  I didn’t think about that- I have an extra set of wheels I could use.   Do you think that would solve the issue.


Yes I turn the tension 2 clicks- tried 3 clicks even.    

Thanks again.

Really road tires and trainer tires are 2 different animals.  You should really get yourself a trainer tire, i had one when i had a wheel on trainer they don’t slip as much.  Also using tires that you would normally use on the road, is kinda dangerours.  You weaken the sidewall of your tire on the trainer.

Hi Jeff, 

Matt is absolutely right, I couldn’t agree more. Getting the right tire is the key, if you’ll still experience tire slip you can also check the resistance settings in Zwift where you can lower it to solve the issue.

Thanks for your enquiry, keep us updated and Ride On! 

You might want to try this.

Get 3m adhesive spray and coat the tire let it sit out over night.

Also, try lowering the tire pressure, tighten the tension knob and then re-inflating the tire.

Solution to tire slipping.

I rubbed automotive fan belt anti-slip solution on my tire and it stopped slipping. Takes a few minutes but works great!

You can also force the knob to turn by pressing IN on the knob while you turn it. I have a new-to-me Powerbeam I had to do that with and I suspect I need to go ahead and order a new clutch knob thingy. Or just what I tried …