Power through the roof problem since software upgrade?

(Darren Thomason) #1

I have an Elite Turbo Muin trainer. The sensor is a Echowell Speed and Cadence sensor. The Speed sensor uses the internal flywheel on the trainer. For the last few months I’ve been happily using Zwift and the overall speed/power measurements feel like they have been pretty accurate (I know I can comfortably do 20mph for an hour in the real world and that its roughly what I’ve been getting on Zwift). However, after a break of a week or so I got back in the saddle and after letting the software upgrade, I started riding. Immediately the power shot up to 1000W with barely any effort, so I logged out and back in again a its still doing the same thing. I noticed that the paired devices (Heart and Cadence) were all working correctly, but the speed sensor is way out - measuring my speed at more than twice what it should be. My set-up hasn’t changed at all so I can only conclude that some code somewhere is dicking around with my sensor readings?  Can anyone help?

(Tommy Craig - BASE Performance) #2

I had this same issue the first time I logged in using the new software. I logged out, logged in and still the issue. I then logged out, restarted my computer, logged in and no more issue. Have not had it happen since. (Multiple rides)