Pedal slow on trainer and the on screen rider speeds up

(Nigel Carter) #1

I have connected Zwift to my Elite Turbo Muin B+ via a laptop operating Windows 10

The slower I pedal on the trainer the faster the on-screen ride goes on the app. The same is when you pedal faster on the trainer the slower the on-screen ride goes on the app.  

I have even taken the sensor out and put it back in the other way thinking it would make a difference.

Would anyone know what I can do to rectify this??? Thanks   

(Juan Ferres [BRT]) #2

I got some rare reading at the beggining with Turbo Muin (no B+) but using an external cadence/speed sensor ( ), everything is working good.

(Nigel Carter) #3

Thank you for the advise. Can this still be used with a PC using a ANT+

(Juan Ferres [BRT]) #4

If you have to buy another cadence sensor would be a waste. I am sure that you can get Turbo Muin B+ fully working on Zwift. 

If you create a support ticket in zwift home page i think they would be able to help you. Even in the ELITE forums they are been very colaborative about using turbo muin with virtual cyclist software (it’s the future).

If you are going to post in ELITE forums, be very precise: serial number and even photos.

Did you tried another software like www.