Elite Turbo Muin+ SPeed Wrong way round

Hi, Finally got the Elite Turbo Muin+ connected and working, only problem is when you pedal hard the rider stops, and if you “soft wheel” I am doing 40mph! Pedal hard and I slow down and eventually stop.

Check the sensor is correct and everything is okay, is it my turbo or is something set up wrong?

My collegue has the same problem and can’t find the solution for his Turbo. hopefully someone can help out.


Unless you have the old Turbo Muin fluid (in which case your readings would be accurate, so I know that’s not the case), you should pair your Misuro B+ under the Power menu, not speed. The Elite Turbo Muin B+ and the Elite Real Turbo Muin B+ both transmit power and don’t need a virtual power curve.