Elite Turbo Muin+ SPeed Wrong way round

(Malc Dent) #1

Hi, Finally got the Elite Turbo Muin+ connected and working, only problem is when you pedal hard the rider stops, and if you “soft wheel” I am doing 40mph! Pedal hard and I slow down and eventually stop.

Check the sensor is correct and everything is okay, is it my turbo or is something set up wrong?

(tonne broekman) #2

My collegue has the same problem and can’t find the solution for his Turbo. hopefully someone can help out.


(Jason K) #3

Unless you have the old Turbo Muin fluid (in which case your readings would be accurate, so I know that’s not the case), you should pair your Misuro B+ under the Power menu, not speed. The Elite Turbo Muin B+ and the Elite Real Turbo Muin B+ both transmit power and don’t need a virtual power curve.