Power Surging in meet ups

Sorry to add to everyone’s inbox - I’ve had a couple meet ups recently where the other rider has experienced massive power surges - of between 6-8w/kg even though they weren’t putting in anything like that power! They joined on time and tried stopping and starting but the same issue recurred. Anyone got any similar experiences or bright ideas please?

That sounds less like a meetup issue, and more like a trainer/Zwift interface issue.

What is their setup?

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They’re using garmin sensors connecting to a laptop via an ANT dongle.

This has only happened in the past week


You need to troubleshoot what’s gone wrong with their speed sensor. Replacing the battery would be a good first step.


He doesn’t have similar issues on solo rides…

All a bit odd really


Were they Keep Together meetups? Because on those, Zwift adjusts your avatar’s speed to suit the group, but it doesn’t touch your w/kg. So something else is going on there, and it’s the speed sensor that’s reporting his speed/power.


Yes they were both keep togethers. We always use that.

I’ll suggest he looks at his speed sensor.