Power supply issue Saris H3, loss of power, doesnt go now

Please help!

My Saris H3 has stopped working, no power.
This on the back of intermittent droputs during workouts and a very loose fitting connection between the power supply and the unit.
When I hold the plug in place I get a flickering red light on the H3. The power ‘brick’ i still showing a green light.
I googled and and found the centre pin on the female H3 power port is supposed to be split, I gently prized it open so it is a split pin now, much better fit, but the problem persists
A UK smar trainer hire website said:
3. Power Supply Issue

A common issue with the H3 is the status light on the unit is not coming on when plugged in even when the plug indicator showing green. This issue is usually caused by a faulty power supply.

Even though it is showing green light it may not have enough power output. It should generate 40V. Have you got a [volt meter]to test the output?

I dont have a volt meter but cant understand why the power supply would suddenly fail.

I’ll happily buy a replacement if it fixes the problem but unsure if it will

Very much apreciate any comments and advice

Brian, Waitohi, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

Testing the voltage is relatively simple. Pop in to any car garage, computer repair centre etc… And ask them to test.
You might find your neighbours have one.

You can probably pick one up for the price of a coffee to be fair.

Over time they can fail, especially if exposed to heat. The symptoms you describe are common with it failing. Once it overheats it cuts out.

Failing that it could the trainer itself, potential loose connection which a decent electronics expert could check.

Probably no help till you sort it out… but I used putty on mine to hold it in place after having far too many power drop outs when the unit just turned off… been stable since.

The Saris PS is crap…I had two connectors disintegrate. Now using this and no issues: Amazon.com: PoE Texas 48v Power Supply - 48 Volt 60 Watt AC to DC Power Supply for Power Over Ethernet, PoE Injector, Adapter, Splitter, Extender, Network Switch - 60w 48vDC PoE Power for 802.3af, 802.3at Devices : Electronics

Now showing “Unavailable” but you could reach out to the supplier or look for comparables. The critical part is the connector. At one time I was able to find a match if you are into DIY.