Cycleops H2 not getting power

My cyleops h2 was working fine. Then recently it needed to be wiggled when you plug the power cord into the trainer. Now it is not getting any power at all. I really miss riding on zwift and hope to continue at some point. Wondering if any one else has had this problem. Thank you


Hi @Brett_H

I didn’t have that problem. But you should contact SARIS they have awesome service.

Thank you Gerrie there sending me a new cord now. I’m hoping it’s the cord not the trainer itself.

The power cord is very fragile at the connector…my first H3 went bad within days. I was never able to get support to answer or contact me…a dozen tries over weeks.

I replaced it with this:

This unit is much more robust over the stock.

Chris thank you so much that helps me a lot much appreciated :grinning:.