Power segments not available

I see this as a major missing feature.
If I select a Zwift pre-defined workout with various intervals, I want to know after the workout what my Power and HR data were during each interval.
Zwift does have this information. Why don’t display it? That’s what a true training app does. Worst example: the 20’ FTP test. Providing me with my average HR and Power data for the entire workout is totally useless. I want to know my HR and Power data for the 20’ segment. Luckily, I can get this information through my Garmin and Wahoo, but this is such a shortfall. I don’t understand why this information is not provided, especially, considering that this data is collected during the workout.

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Best is to link Zwift to Strava or Garmin connect. That way your outdoor and indoor data is at the same place.

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Thank you Gerrie.
As a triathlon and cycling coach, I only rely on my SRM power meter.
But It is simply unconceivable that Zwift does not provide Power and HR data for each interval when using one of their pre-defined workouts, which are comprised on various power intervals. Zwift does capture this data but it simply does not make it available. Oh, but they gave us pizza slices…