Max HR not showing in results

For two of the three last events I’ve completed, Max HR is not showing, and I’m guessing that’s why all the related columns like Normalised Power, 1 min, 5 min power haven’t been processed? It’s very weird as if it were simply a settings issue, why is it missing for one race, back the next and then disappears again? Max HR has been recorded, as the Strava profile can attest. Any help appreciated.

Dan, I also see similar things with ZwiftPower! Zwift bought ZwiftPower a few months ago, but it still seems to be a foster child for them. They did some updates and upgrades to improve its processing speed after very long backlogs were reported and data were in queue for processing for days, it got better, but apparently not all issues have been resolved. In my case, one TdZ stage has never made it into the ZwiftPower list, and one has never been fully processed and still lacks a bunch of parameters.

I do not think it is just your problem, it seems, ZwiftPower developers never, in their wildest dreams, expected such huge level of use. Someone has to re-write the code (and user interface, for that matter).

I use ZwiftPower mainly out of curiosity. If you want to have detailed analyses of your rides, you can use free GoldenCheetah or more advanced WKO5 (which one has to buy).