Power Meter Upgrade

I recently added a power meter ( Garmin Vector pedals) and on my first ride I noticed the cadence on the screen did not match the cadence on my Garmin head unit. I am not using a crank sensor so the information should be coming from the power meter. Does the program make adjustments to the on screen cadence to account for terrain inclination when using a power meter or should it display actual cadence ? It always matched perfectly when I was using Zpower and a cadence sensor.


you may need to pair the cadence sensor withing the powermeter to zwift.  zwift is probally still native to the previously installed cadence sensor.

I believe it was. Even so if the original sensor was still paired it should have read zero because I removed the magnet from the crankarm. It would read like 27 rpm when going up an incline even though I was cranking 100 rpm on the Garmin. On the somewhat flats it was close +- 20 rpm but rarely the same. It would come up some as I increased power. That’s why I wondered if it was actual cadence or some calculated RPM based on power and incline. I know in real life your not going to spin at 100 RPM on an 8 degree incline and only put out 250 watts but you could do that with Zpower.

i mean pairing in the zwift screen.  you may have to search for different cadence sensor.  it may have the one still from gsc-10 still paired.

I will check that tonight. I know I unpaired the old one and paired the actual power meter. 

I removed and reinstalled the pedals. Cleaned the crankarms, Properly torqued the pedals, reset the angles and recalibrated then made sure the power meter and cadence were paired. Everything works fine now. Thanks