Power meter set up for dual analysis


You need to upload the .fit file from your Garmin to ZP. ZP knows about the 4iiii data but is unaware of the Kickr data on the Garmin. Does this answer the question?

Hi David

thank you for the reply, my Garmin is not paired with the 4iiii, as I thought this would bring in another data field, does the power meter need to be paired as well as the KickR. Next question, how do I upload from my Garmin to Zwift power, please? Sorry for not being the tech wizard here.

I got the garmin upload done to Garmin connect but it still only shows one form of power data


You now download the .fit file from Garmin Connect and then upload the .fit file to Zwift Power.

just cant get it to

Hi there, I am really not very zwift it friendly. Is there a better guide to create a dual analysis than is currently out there. Im totally lost.

Here are some helpful information.


See this:


See this:

Let us know if you have more specific questions.

Hi and thank you.

I have read that. The data I am looking for. Does my garmin need to be paired with 4iiii power crank, do I pair of the zwift pairing screen with my KickR or my crank

I seem to be uploading two identical files which are the same I think. I have dyslexia which makes this super tough also

Thank you again

This is how it work.

  1. You pair your Garmin to your 4iiii power crank.
  2. Do a Zwift ride while recording your on the garmin head unit same as you do when doing a outside ride.
  3. Finish and save the Zwift ride.
  4. Save the garmin ride to Garmin connect.
  5. Go to garmin connect and download the .fit file
  6. Open Zwift power and upload the Garmin file and the Zwift file. Per instructions.

Let me know how far you get with this instructions.

EDIT: I updated a link above to include a video.

Thank you. I will do that tomorrow morning. I have been told the opposite. To pair the 4iiii with Zwift

Thank you again

You can also do the opposite if you like then you will pair the 4iiii with Zwift and your smart trainer with the garmin. I prefer to use the smart trainer as power source and controllable on Zwift.

one power source should be paired to the garmin (your secondary power unit, whichever one you’re not using as a power source on zwift) and your primary power unit pairs to zwift. it’s up to you which one you want to use as your primary and which one you want to use as your secondary, it doesn’t matter. if you are having problems, make sure:

  1. GPS settings are turned off on the garmin
  2. you haven’t paired 1 source to both zwift and your garmin

other than that, it should be fine. just make sure to actually press record on the garmin before your event starts

Thank you so much

no problem. i was wondering why i couldn’t dual record too when i first started. I use an old garmin 510 for dual recording and you have to turn the GPS off manually every time you want to record an indoor activity… i think newer head units have an indoor function

Yes, the 8 series has an indoor option

Thank you again. Ill try to get this working today

still cannot sort this out, in zwift power, it is showing power meter and Kickr with same id, is there a way to clear this. Therefore both data sets are identical. I have downloaded the fit file from garmin connect but its the same as the wahoo kickr on zwift which I downloaded form zwift activity

These files can’t be the same if you paired Zwift to the one power source and the Garmin to the other. Are you sure you are not taking the fit file that zwift sent to garmin connect? If Zwit and garmin sent to garmin connect you will have two fit files.

try uploading the .fit file to zwiftpower from the garmin manually by using a USB cable and pulling it out of the “activities” folder. if it’s still giving you two identical power files then you’ve probably just paired the same unit to both the garmin and zwift

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I deleted my kickr off the garmin 820, the only thing that is on the comp is HRM and Power meter, I then set power source on zwift to Kickr, cadence still comes from 4iiii but that should be fine. When I took the original file off garmin connect, it is a zip file and needs converting to a fit file, before uploading to zwift power.I just dont know where I am going wrong

Garmin is not paired to zwift, only 4iiii and HRM, but the IDs come up the same on the analysis