Dual Recording for Zwift Power

Help, how do I dual record exactly? I have two files (from Kickr and Faveros) and I have read on ZwiftInsider you upload the 2nd file in Analysis on Zwift Power, but I see no button to create the second data set. Have I completely misunderstood?

Uh, what second data set? Click on the Create New Data Set button on the Analysis tab, select one of your activities as the primary, then upload the secondary in the Add Comparison Files section of the page.

Yeah, that’s what ZwiftInsider says, but where’s the button? (by second data set I meant second file)

Ah. You have to go to the Analysis tab under your profile, not in the individual event.


thank you, knew I must be missing something!

Good that it worked out. Guess it would make sense to add the button on the Analysis tab for the event as well (and have it prefill the primary fields)…

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