Power Drop Outs Tacx Flux on Android

any one else getting drop outs and when you try to start again it keeps dropping out at you last power happened to me twice today and just before end of ride

Hi @Paul_Ryan5054

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m seeing that you’re using a Tacx Flux. Which model is it? The Flux, Flux 2, or Flux S?

Have you updated the trainer’s firmware recently, by the way? Often, odd issues like this are solved with firmware updates.

hi thank you will look at that never even realised thought it was a zwift problem rather than internet thanks

I experience constant Bluetooth dropouts and cannot reconnect to continue my sessions!

Hi @Long_Jone

Welcome to the forum.

Did you see this, it may be worth trying. TACX FLOW SMART? POWER DROP? Try this fix

Thanks worked a treat