Power doesn't reset after ride

this morning I did a training session and after completing it, I wanted to cool down a bit more without using Zwift. So I finished the session saved it for uploading and closed Zwift.
But the resistance which was set by Zwift at the moment of finishing the session stayed on on my Elite Arion. I had to unplug the power of my trainer and plug it back in again to get to the usual resistance. Is that a bug or a feature?
My devices:

  • Elite Arion Digital B+ as trainer
  • Windows Surface 4Pro for running Zwift on
  • Connection Ant+ Dongle
    Thanks for your help

Hi @Achim , I don’t think this is a feature or a bug just the way things work, I think there is nothing telling the trainer to change resistance back to X so the trainer just stay where it was last told to be at.

But I have a question for you why do you cool down without Zwift? It is actually my favorite part then i can chat and look at the surroundings.

Well, I did really. The training at least had this Cool Down session. But at the end of the training, I had 17 something km on my Garmin and I decided that I wanted to see the 20 on the display. But I wanted it to do in my pace and with my power and not the power I would have had to bring by riding the route I was on.

But I agree with you - usually it is just the best part.

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@Gerrie_Delport - about your answer to my question: To be honest I would expect that the app is sending a reset command to the trainer the moment it is closed. For me it would be the clean way to leave an app.