Power beam pro w/bluetooth wont pick up

(greg witt) #1

I have a powerbeam pro with bluetooth it is a 2014 I cant get it to pair . Zwift does not even pick it up? Any ideas

(brent Lacey) #2

I had a similar issue when starting out with bluetooth go through the bluetooth guide here, https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/206576683-Bluetooth-LE-BLE-Support

Usually the fix involves one of the following:

Ensure bluetooth is turned on in your phone (as bluetooth use direct from a pc isnt supported, so you need to be using the mobile link app) 

Try turning off all devices nearby with bluetooth enabled.

Ensure there are no other apps running on your phone that could be using the bluetooth link this can also interfere. To be safe just switch off your phone and then start the zwift mobile link app.

Make sure your phone and pc is on the same local area network.

(greg witt) #3

That did it thanks Brent