Cycleops Bluetooth Trainer and Android Phone

(Kyle Flaherty) #1

Any timeline on full support of Cycleops Powerbeam Pro Bluetooth trainers? When I bought the trainer and the new laptop to support Zwift I just assumed it would work. Really looking forward to it. Thanks.

(S Scherr) #2

Agreed. I thought I was the only one having this problem…

I probably should have just bought the ANT+…grrrr…

(Rene Wittmer) #3

Yes. I am really looking forward to riding ZWIFT with my POWERBEAM Pro Bluetooth. 

(Greg Gould ODZ (C)) #4

Just checking on this.  Was looking at the Powerbeam Pro with Bluetooth but not clear that it works with Zwift.

(Rene Wittmer) #5

I actually have been waiting for a long time for BLUETOOTH. I should have purchased the ANT+ model.

ZWIFT, can you give us a time frame please?

(Luke Gillmer) #6

Hi, i am using my powerbeam pro with Blue tooth on zwift. I have iphone app and zwift on mac book. Zwift has not officially listed this as a controllable set up but it works perfectly for me. Occasionally the BT signal was getting interference but I have moved the position of my iphone to be closer to lap top and direct site of powerbeam now and issues solved.

i am not sure how you will go if using the pc version, but macbook-iphone-powerbeam bt works as a controllable trainer for me.

(Shawn Curry) #7

+1 apparently works through the phone app, although I’m viewing Zwift on my computer. Will be nice to get direct Bluetooth communication with the PocewrBeam through the computer.


(Chuck Sloan - Team Zoot) #8

Any word on if or when this will be compatible on PC version?