ETA for Blue Tooth Power Beam resistance control?

(Bruce Stauffer USMES WBR (C)) #1

I’ve been riding Zwift with my MAC and Power Beam Blue Tooth and love it, but the downside is that it currently has to be paired as a power meter.  I’m told that it will soon be available to sync as a controllable trainer.  Any ideas how far out this is? Or if there will be a Beta version available?




(. TomH..) #2

Hi Bruce, 

Is THIS the model of PowerBeam Pro you are talking about? 

Also, are you using an android device or iOS device? 

Thank you

(Luke Gillmer) #3

I am in the same situation, I bought the BT Powerbeam Pro 12 months ago not realising it didn’t work as a controllable device with Zwift. So I can use Zwift but I don’t really love it without the controllable feature so I haven’t gotten a paid subscription.


Sure it is coming! Keep us posted on an ETA