Power and HR dropout but ANT+ fine on Zwiftalizer

Evening all,

I am getting intermittent power and HR dropouts where power, cadence, HR drop to zero. I then can’t get my wahoo kickr core to reconnect. This happened twice this evening. Once right at the beginning of my workout so I just restarted. It then happened again mid workout, I couldn’t get the turbo to reconnect (it just says ‘no signal’ then won’t find it again if I disconnect it) it also doesn’t find my HR monitor. The only thing I found to work was swapping to bluetooth on my Mac, but this meant losing HR as I use a garmin ANT+ HR monitor. I am new to Zwiftalizer, but the log seems absolutely fine. No drops in the ANT+ signal that I can see. Any ideas what could be causing this?


  • Macbook pro
  • Kickr core
  • USB extension to ANT+ dongle
  • Garmin red ANT+ HR monitor

Many thanks in advance.