Post-Race: Magnum mOnDayZ RACE presented by Team ODZ - Oct 24, '22

No too bothered about it, but possibly some more basic error underlying this, so I thought it might be worth raising.
Results for this event look incorrect on ZP (zid=3189576).
The top 3 in B of course did no come into the finish 30mins earlier. Now that I’m writing this I realize they might have been upgraded to upper cats where they should have raced two laps instead of one?! (ZP says, “Riders exceeding w/kg will be upgraded”)

Same for one rider in A.

This same thing happened a couple of weeks ago. I contacted Zwift and they essentially said that it was the way ODZ set up the race. I don’t quite understand why an organizer would set it up this way though. It is essentially rewarding riders for not following the rules. Zwift said to contact ODZ, but the only contact info I can find is their discord server. (PS…good race!).

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You can contact them on FB: TeamODZ | Facebook

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Ok, interesting. I guess the issue is to have 2 laps for A & B and only 1 for C & D plus the auto-upgrade to higher cats if people race beyond their limits. So, yes, I agree it’s a configuration issue, but at the same time it simply does not make sense to have the event configurable like this and turn out with fragile results that also impact metrics like ZP ranking. Probably simply something to watch out for when choosing a race. I personally see action required on both sides, Zwift and ODZ, but it is only an edge case, so not much of a big thing.

Anyway, thanks to the two of you for responding, and good race for you, too, @Brian_Ayotte9220.
No FB account here, @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ, :expressionless:

Not 100% sure but looking at 1 or 2 other ODZ race results it appears that the ZP ranking may not be affected. It appears that the race rank score they receive is calculated using the position they came in the category they entered, not the category their result is shown in.

However not ideal as Gold, Silver and Bronze medals do seem to go to the wrong people.

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I’d be surprised if ZP ranking is not affected. If ZP can distinguish this, why wouldn’t it be incorporated in the final results. What I just realized, however, is that those three B riders and one A rider have those mysterious grey arrows on their results. I have always wondered what they signify.
Also, I just saw that the B “winners” actually are in cat B, and partly even A. Are they doing this on purpose? Or maybe it wasn’t an auto-upgrade issue at all.

Check the results when they get processed to see what race rank score (result) they are given.

If a race is being governed by ZP rules (as opposed to CE rules) even though you are requested to race in the correct category the system allows you to enter whichever category you wish. It is then up to the race organisers to decide how they deal with racers putting out too much power or racing in categories lower than they should. ( as I understand it )

I suspect that many of these riders, who have been upgraded, are choosing the category they wish to race not so much on trying to find an ‘easy race win’ but a desire to race over a shorter distance. The ZP system allows them to do this.

Category Enforcement was introduced partially to prevent this (along with one or two other aims) but a few race organisers are still choosing to use the old ZP system. Not sure how you find your races but if you use Companion App you will start to see races with the warning symbol, these are races using CE. You might wish to choose them if they suit you as the chances (he says hopefully) are the racers are of a similar ability to yourself.



Thanks a lot for your detailed reply! Very much apprecite this.
I’m familiar with those things and agree. I just think that CE only applies for entering an event and ZP rankings will be processed on the results irrespective the entry criterion (whether CE or ZP cats).

no one relays

How the get sorted so as this make me me to leave zp was cheater a getting reward

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Just to let people know on here the medal for this race are right now. Well done


nice, thanks! I think that’s a good signal.

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Yes is a very good they sorted it out

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it look like they got DQ