Post injury racing question

My question is mostly about etiquette:

I’m relatively new to Zwift, but have been enjoying racing. Hanging on in A races.

Last weekend, I had a crash, broke some ribs and had a collapsed lung. Got chest tube out and out of hospital a couple of days ago. Gonna start doing some easy indoor spinning tonight. But want to get back to racing as soon as I feel up to it.

I’m guessing it is going to be a while before I’m back on form.

Is the “right” thing here to jump into A races, knowing I’m going to get smoked (and probably immediately dropped) until zwift power downgrades me? Or do lower level races until I’m to a point where jumping in the A races seems reasonable again? Maybe sign up as an A and only do races with mixed fields so I have folks from other categories to actually race against?

I know I’ll get DQ’d if I sign up for lower category races. And that doesn’t really bother me that much. But I also see the vitriol when an A racer does lower category races and don’t want to contribute to that.

I’m enjoying this community and don’t want to run afoul of the rules, either written or unwritten.

Please advise.


Hi @andy_peterson

Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you get well soon.

Zwift power look at your last 90 days. If you are ready to race before that you can ask Zwift to reset your data.

see this:
ZwiftPower Update [September 2020]?

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Thanks Gerrie.

Looks like I just got downgraded from being inactive over the summer. Which is probably a blessing in disguise.


I had Covid, so sort of in the same boat. I dropped down to a D but my power really was a D. I was struggling to even finish a D race. Seeing what goes on there, my advice would be to just be aware of the power you are putting out. If you blow up the race at the beginning, it really really sucks for those racers who think they are racing a rider in the same category. If you are feeling great, just use it as a training ride and don’t try to win it, unless the group you are riding with is really trying to blow you up. Zwift racing is really all over the place at the moment. I’ve seen D race “winners” with an average 4.1 w/kg…

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Andy, I feel your pain. On July 2nd I crashed at 30 mph, fractured 4 ribs, had a pneumothorax (collapsed lung), and received a grade II-III shoulder AC separation. That latter part is what has been holding my back. The ribs, no big deal but the shoulder. Still struggling and am still not pain free but it is getting better.
I do not know what I would have done w/o @Zwift to keep me going and allowing me to work on my training over this past weeks. Ride On!