Recently I was upgraded to C. This was because I was downgraded following surgery. However, I am struggling to make even the minimum requirements of this grade. Apart from when I have raced with my team in a TTT. Even on the last occasion I was 2.3 wkg.
How long have I got to put up with this silly rule and be downgraded to D. Why if it is a free service am I not being freely to race as a D.
I have undergone lots of spinal ops and this is not helping my recovery by forcing me to keep a pace and power with others who do not have my disability. Why is there not a option to choose our cats instead of having someone who refuses to help-zwiftpower.
I am seriously considering cancelling my subscription over this. As I enjoy the racing side but not if it puts my recovery at risk.

To what rule are you referring? To the best of my knowledge Zwift does not have any category requirements, just recommendations. This is why there are always complaints about A racers riding in the B and C races. Are you not able to just select the D category when signing up for a race?

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You have to be below 2.4 WKG for 90 days to be downgraded. I can’t sign up to D cat races as I will be disqualified. I just can’t understand why a free service has so much control over zwift. Obviously because I am labelled as a C, if I enter a race as a D, I will be classed as a sand bagger, Even though most D’s have better stats than me.Screenshot_20191012-123913_Chrome

Is that Zwift Power? I don’t use that service, so I’m not sure. But, Zwift Power is a separate entity from Zwift. So you won’t be kicked out of the race in Zwift, you just won’t show up in the Zwift Power results. So maybe just enter whichever category feels the best to you, and don’t worry about the ZP results. My guess is that you’ll still show up in the Zwift results.

As was pointed out in the ZP forum your current performance put you in C.

You have exceeded the C cat performance on 3 October, 20 September and 19 September. You are a C sorry.

Zwift power has a set of rules, if you want your results on Zwift power then you will have to follow the rules.

The 3 rides you mention, 2 of them are Team Time Trials. That means I was using the draft more on these rides and having just 1 ride over 2.4 does not make someone a C. I have seen many D cats who have 3.2 in some of their stats but are still classed as D. This is because of zwiftpower and this stupid rule.

I can do this but I know zwiftpower will Disqualify my result. My team admin has advised against this too. Saying I should enter the race of my cat-C. Surely, it would not hurt anybody if I was downgraded to a D. It is not as if I am way over. The majority of my results are below 2.5- The required threshold for C cat.

If you are using this as a reason to not downgrade, then this was a team performance not mine ALONE. look at my INDIVIDUAL races!!!

I am not looking at your speed. I am looking at the w/kg that you were able to produce. Riding in a group/team or alone w/kg is still what you produce.

Draft has nothing to do with it, people draft all the time in races.

Surely it will, you will be beating every legitimate D rider in the field.

Just for your info. Here are results of a D cat. Obviously going by your theory zi would beat everyone. I am sure I could find millions of riders like this and how come? Because they dont race all the time. It is the mistake I made and what got me upgraded.

Here we go

I can see 3 above 2.4 there. They should be C, going by your theory but wont because they know how to play the game. It’s a JOKE!!

What rubbish. If you draft you conserve more power and able to push harder when needed. This will provide you with higher power averages. If you do not draft you tire quicker which will effect power output. Of course it makes a difference drafting in a team of 6 to riding alone. Ride up a hill in zwift using those options and I bet you produce higher power outputs in a team.

Slow down a bit - What race is this.

disable your connection to zwiftpower.
enable your connection to zwiftpower.
race till you reach your Cat again.
if you have done it once you will do it another time surely! :wink:

This is not the point, He need to be in ZP if he want to be able to race in the WTRL TTT series.

Read again he is suffering.
If he’s continuing he will probably hinder his recovery or even worse neutralize all recovery progress.

Yes you will conserve energy, but you still have to put in power to stay in the draft. Zwift power measure the power you produce during the race. if you produce more than 95% of 2.5w/kg average in 20 min then you will be a C rider.

ZP is nice in that it take you best over 90 days.

Yes I get that, but then don’t race. But he races and he produce power higher than the Rules set by Zwift Power.


True. Stop racing @G_Morgan :wink: