Category assignment (injury)

I worked myself into a mediocre C category for races. Then became injured and am now only a mediocre D rider, but Zwift won’t allow a reassignment of category so I’m basically racing alone, dropping off the back of C riders. Not fun. Any ideas out there?

As your older, better performance data drops off the 90 day window you will be recalculated. Go to and you can see all the dates that they have for your power curve under your race category.


You can try entering some split-category races such as TFC Mad Monday or VirtuSlo Split-Cats. That would have you racing against the lower part of C category. If your fitness stays the same you may drop category 90 days after your power PRs. Of you could consider not racing and just train for a while. It’s good for your fitness to alternate periods of training and periods of racing.

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You can also race mass start , all cat races.
You may get dropped by the C group but you can ride and race with the D’s.
There are also No HUD races where you can’t see power, HR, rider list or cats.
These may or may not be mass start all cats.
You can race no HUD in all races ( think you press H) and then you see no cats or lists and you just race the ones your with.
I like to see the time gaps to other riders so I just ignore the cats.

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