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I am 50, a long time user of Zwift, raced in a lot of races, have atrial flutter and love to compete. However, I can only handle a relatively small workload. Meaning I can do a race about once a week. More than that and I run the risk of heart issues.

I’ve made a couple of “comebacks” during my time racing. Meaning I need to rest at times for a while to get back to a place where I am comfortable. On my latest time back, I have entered the Zwift series of races and done well in D. I can get a great workout but not crush myself. On one hand, I want to be fair and respect the categories but I also want to be safe.

Today, I could not even enter a D race. I raced a C race and got shelled really bad. A good workout but more than my body really wanted. Is there a way to petition my category? Thanks.

17th out of 27 on zwiftpower. todays race.

shelled out, not really.


Hi @Shane_Stent_DIRT

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You were on the podium in 9/10 of your last races.

So I would think it is time for an upgrade.


Ok. Makes sense. I guess it is what it is.

If I look at other D cat racers, there are certainly those who have been there for a long time and raced with good numbers as far as output but few podiums. Maybe that is how they stay there?

Either way, I guess I gotta get back to racing C. Thanks for taking the time.

The current category system does not pay attention to podiums. The answer is somewhere in the power and weight numbers.

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My avg over the last three readings is 2.45. My fitness is improving but not where it was. Plus, I remember that I would get an “Almost C” cat rating as a warning. That was not the case this time. I am still a D but cannot do D races.

ZP categories are not the same as on Zwift (different calculation). It could be confusing.


This means you are category D on ZwiftPower, and you can still ride in D on events that use ZwiftPower categories. But you are a C in Zwift’s Category Enforcement system, so you’ll need to ride C or higher in events configured with Category Enforcement enabled. You’ll probably find there are still some events you can enter in D. Category Enforcement uses data from all recent rides, not just races. It also considers other factors beyond 20 minute power.


Makes sense. Thanks